A Combat Or Warzone Vehicle Needed By Lorain County?

Is Lorain County under attack?

This would instantly come to mind when you see two vehicles equipped to withstand explosive attacks and gunfire in the Afghan war roaming around the Lorain County community. Why would Lorain County need vehicles mostly seen and used in warzones?

What is a vehicle like this MRAP vehicle doing in Lorain County?

Safe And Peaceful Community

It is the ultimate goal of every local law enforcement department in every state throughout the country to be able to keep the community safe and peaceful. The criminal activities of thugs and hooligans are sometimes intensified probably because of the perception that the local law enforcers do not have the appropriate equipment or vehicle for defense. Such perception weakens the image of the local law enforcers.

A Lorain County police car may haven’t been enough to deter criminal activities in the community.

MRAP Vehicles Given To Lorain County

The Lorain Police Department and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office have just recently received one Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle each. The armored vehicles are part of the Ohio LESO program – which provides surplus military property to law enforcement at no cost. Both the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department, applied for the vehicles through said program more than a year ago. In March, they were told that would receive the armored vehicles at no cost.

MRAP Vehicles: Designed For Combat Or Warzones

The MRAP vehicles given to Lorain County were previously used by the military in Afghanistan and are designed for military combat use. As part of the Ohio LESO Program, the vehicles are being repurposed to combat the criminal activities in Lorain County. An MRAP vehicle:

  • weighs about 47,000 pounds
  • can travel 65 mph
  • can go on even the worst kind of terrain
  • is bulletproof

They are armored so they can protect the passengers inside from outside attacks. They are equipped with both heating and air conditioning systems.

For Local Law Enforcement And Rescue Operations

Inside an MRAP vehicle, two stretchers can fit in where wounded victims can be treated at a crime scene and transported to a hospital, making it ideal not just for local law enforcement but also for emergency or disaster rescue operations.

The armored vehicle can be used for local law enforcement and emergency rescue operations.

MRAP Vehicles Given To Lorain County At No Cost

Valued each at $700,000, Lorain County got the MRAP vehicles without using any local funding. This was disclosed by Chief Deputy Sheriff of Lorain County, Dennis Cavanaugh. In order to be used for local law enforcement, the MRAP vehicles were repurposed, which means they were slightly modified according to the purpose in which they will be used.


MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles in warzones or combat zones.

What MRAP Vehicles Can Help Achieve For Lorain County

The Lorain Police Department plans to use the MRAP vehicle when there are stand-offs, in crime scenes involving shootings and every time a person is barricaded inside a building. The Police chief hopes that the vehicle will intimidate criminal elements and in the end keep everyone safe even in the most dangerous situations. The Police felt that the MRAP vehicle is exactly what they need to help provide protection for the Lorain County citizens.

Do you think that the MRAP vehicles are quite an excessive acquisition for a county like Lorain in Ohio?